Welcome to CEDAR

Debby Kinman-Ford

Welcome to CEDAR! We are so excited to share our passion and resources for education with you. We all have diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise but we all share a drive to help create the best learning environments we can for this generation’s children. It is our goal to share our knowledge and resources with teachers and administrators to help them make amazing schools.

Currently we are all dealing with so many unknowns. When and how are schools opening? How can remote learning be engaging? Will there be live high holidays programming at synagogues or are we creating take home kits this year? Take out Judaism… who would have thought? Is this really a turning point in religious day school education or education in general? While I think many people are scared by all these questions, I see them as great opportunities to reinvent the system. Let’s take a serious look at what is working in education around the globe and mold that into new practices that can shift our focus from mere academic excellence to curious minds, healthy bodies and balanced learning.

Each of us will focus on different topics to explore in this blog, but this is the area I want to dive deep into. I hope you’ll join me.

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