Rituals and Education

Debby Kinman- Ford

I posted on FB and LinkedIn that I just finished a book called The Power of Ritual by Casper Ter Kuile. Interesting book recommended by Adam Grant about how as traditional affiliation with religious institutions wane, how do we create community and spiritual ritual in our lives to fill that void. It had some innovative ideas and a surprising amount of reference to Judaism- observing Shabbat, the ritual of prayer and so on. I know for myself I am a creature of habit and have rituals like lighting shabbat candles, baking challah (Yes since COVID began- don’t judge!), having a cup of hot tea before bed and meditating. I am curious how the importance of creating ritual is for our students and how we are teaching that. Certainly tefillah/prayer does that, but how are we looking at these learners in terms of finding meaningfulness in the everyday routine of their lives. Are we actively teaching mediation and mindfulness and genuine application of these things? Are we discussing how cohorts of friends gaming together is a type of ritual and community? And what does that look like in a COVID world? What will it look like after a COVD world? I invite you to stop and examine how your world, workplace and/or learning environment embraces these rituals and identifies them as authentic to ourselves and our students.

Midweek folks! Power on!!

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