Building a Team

8.19.2020 Debby Kinman-Ford

I love new school years. Even in a pandemic, they are always a time of hope for educators. Over and over every year we spend our time creating magical environments for children to learn in and come refreshed with new ideas from colleagues and resources. I’m curious how much, if any time, is really focused on these things in our staff meetings this year? Especially now with our focus on safety, how many are sharing their tips and tricks for safety, on creating genuine relationships with children and on building engaging environments when we feel like we work in hazmat areas. I hope that even with all of the logistical issues, leaders remember we learn best from others and educators are truly some of the most resourceful people I know. Are we carving out atleast some time for them to discuss their creative solutions and ideas? Imagine a whole building of innovators sharing ideas and solutions to concerns we all have as well as motivating each other with our hopefulness. Beyond our legitimate safety concerns, educators have been gathering exciting ideas all summer. It’s worth the time to hear them and share them with one another so we can all be more energized. Remember that when doors open, virtually or literally, educators are expected to be the same weavers of magic, the creator of dreams. In this way, school is no different.

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