Change in the midst of change

9.4.2020 Debby Kinman-Ford

Change in the midst of change- is that even a thing? It is this year! If someone had told me in March we would still be living in a COVID world by September I would have thought them crazy. Yet now we find ourselves starting a school year in brick and mortar, in virtual schools, in online schools and hybrids. As we creep forward, now we find we have no in person high holiday services. I’ve been following on FB so many educators discussing meaningful remote high holiday ideas for their students or little congregants and it got me thinking about what we want children to learn from this new year compared to others. Certainly not having to sit still for hours is a plus for the squirmy kids (AKA most kids) and not having to dress up probably also a plus but moreover this year does in fact give us the opportunity to create our own family high holiday experience. Now its up to our families to teach the importance of the Jewish new year, of new beginnings and goals to do better and remorse for things we didn’t do so well. Its another opportunity for families to create a experience for them that is real and genuine for their spiritual identity. Hopefully these last six months have taught us a lot and we have learned much about our values as a family through all of this. How important contact is- virtual or otherwise, how much we value friends, family and community. As we move forward to me this high holiday season allows us a chance to make it unique to our families and that is exciting. There is no fail just our attempts to put a place for spirituality into our lives. Changing up our experience in changing times. It is a thing after all!

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  1. This Rosh Hashanah will not only usher in a new year, but also new ways to celebrate and focus on our year ahead. May the spirit of the holiday, our reflections on Yom Kippur give us the strength, insights and blessings to face our coming year together.

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