Rosh Hashana- a time for reflection and perspective

9.13.2020 Debby Kinman-Ford

Next Friday begins Rosh Hashana. Clearly we all know this Rosh Hashana is different. We won’t be going to synagogue, no live services, in fact we don’t have to observe anything about this holiday this year at all. After all, no one will know.

I will miss the gatherings with friends, even our whole family won;t be together to celebrate. It feels much less warm and joyous but also more authentic and introspective. For me personally the timing is good. It was a very rough last year and the absence of crowds of people and not being in the synagogue is good. It gives me a chance to reflect on where my Judaism is when it is at its most solitary point. What do I want to atone for? what do I want for the coming year? How much longer can I deal with the inconveniences of COVID?

I invite you to think about where you are, where you have been the last year and where you want to be going forward. Because we don’t have all the places to be and real time agendas to attend to, its a great time time catch your breath and reflect, review and plan. Hoping this is helpful and rejuvenating. May you be inscribed in the book of live and have a joyful new year.

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