Cheer for your Staff at the Holidays

Debby Kinman-Ford, M.S. Ed.

It’s time for the winter holidays and we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Some of you are working remotely, some in person, some doing a hybrid of both.  So how do you recognize your staff at the holidays when money is tight and social distancing is a must?  Well here are a few ways to get you thinking…

  1. Contact your local massage therapy school and look for someone needing certification hours and hire them to do 10 min. hand or foot massages outdoors. This will probably cost about $150 for a staff of 30.
  2. Set up a hot chocolate/coffee bar in your staff kitchen or better yet take a cart around to your staff and serve them up right in their rooms. Low cost, high appreciation.
  3. Have a pajama day at school for the kids and staff. Almost everyone enjoys wearing their pjs to work and it bring a smile at no cost.
  4. Borrow a karaoke machine and have a holiday song night. You could even do this virtually! I am part of one group that begins and ends each meeting with a singalong to a song reflecting the theme of the meeting.  It’s hokey, fun and engaging all at the same time.
  5. Have a staff dreidel tournament.  This could also be done remotely. The winner gets a bag of chocolate gelt.

This year is no different from others despite the pandemic, its still about appreciation, gratefulness, and recognition.  Its always about building a team and instilling a sense of community within your school. So, bring on the ugly sweaters, holiday cheer and appreciation for the miracles of the season. Happy holidays!

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