Consult Services

fees are tailored to the service

For Administrators

Bridging the Gap Between Your Preschool and Elementary School Programs
(appropriate for religious-based and secular schools)
Debby Kinman-Ford, M.S. Ed.

Change your perspective from seeing your preschool as a separate unit to your overall school. Learn how to marry this program together with your elementary/middle/high school programs for enrollment boosts and increased family engagement. Learn practical ways to unify your two programs, their families and staff to create a more cohesive school. Build stronger bonds and relationships with your younger families increasing their school community to a place where they don’t want to leave after PreK. This service includes ideas for in-services, team building, staff culture, family programming, ambassadorships andcommunity engagement.

-Consultation can include virtual meetings and/or in-person consults.

Growing Your Workplace Community- A Bigger Picture
(appropriate for any business)
Debby Kinman-Ford M. S. Ed/ Dan Ahlstrom
, Ed. D.

-Learn ways to create an authentic team focused on encouraging you, your staff to grow and thrive.

This service provides zero to low cost ways to boost your professional development and increase camaraderie. You will be given practical ideas to providing quality professional development with clearly defined objectives to your staff. Learn how to tap your own staff as well as other community members to develop interesting, engaging workshops using existing talent as well as local resources.

You will also learn to assess strategic partnerships in way you have not thought of to stretch your reach into your community and give back as well. Learn to define your school’s mission in a more far-reaching manner to encompass partnerships you would not have considered before increasing not only your exposure in the community but also as an enrollment tool. Working together, we will define what is unique to your school and what your families’ passions are. This will enable you to be focused in the partnerships you want to develop. It also will add another layer to the school and it’s uniqueness.

Making Your School Unique
(appropriate for preschool/elem. Services)
Debby Kinman-Ford, M.S. Ed and team

– An eight-week consult program designed specifically for your school. Learn how to best define what makes your school unique and how to develop that message to a broader audience.

You will learn how to create curriculum to use what you are already using or to create something new. You will also create community partnerships specifically aligned with your mission and how they will enhance your program. Finally, you will learn to streamline your procedures to make audits smoother and less stressful.

Each week will assess a different area in your school from the practical to the school mission. This service will bring our staff into your school to work with your teachers, administration, and office personnel. At the conclusion of the eight weeks, you will have the template of how to further develop and maintain this more cohesive model for your school. Every program is different, this service allows you to see how to best reflect your school’s unique program and promote it to the larger community.  It also teaches your staff how to expand their current curriculum so they can be energized and creative in the way they are teaching their lessons.

For Teachers

Progressive Education
(appropriate for preschool/elem. Programs)
Debby Kinman-Ford, M.S. Ed.

-Learn techniques for creating a school designed around the whole child, physically, emotionally, and academically. Open ended play, outdoor education, and social development learning.

We begin by looking at what your population values as well as your staff and stakeholders. From there we will look at the different models of education and take the pieces that most resonate with your school. After that we will look at how you are using your current curriculum and integrate these  newly identified styles and philosophies with your present day routine to create a richer, more progressive experience for children without moving families and staff out of their comfort zone.