Jewish Curriculum

Cedarville Critters Celebrate the Jewish Holidays

Debby Kinman-Ford, M. S. Ed and Eytan Oren, M.A.T. , illustrated by Yoko Fisher

Join the field animals of Cedarville Jewish Preschool as they learn about the Jewish holidays through the teachers and children of Cedarville Jewish Preschool. Each animal teaches the others about a different Jewish holiday and the animals learn how celebrate it in their own unique way. Each holiday pack comes with a story, six magnetic storyboard tiles, discussion guides and lesson plans for preschool.

Rosh Hashanah

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Tu B’Shevat

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Each unit is $12.50. To place an order, CLICK HERE to send us an email letting us know which holidays you would like and we will send all of the digital files right to your email!

Mitzvot Curriculum- Eleanor’s Extraordinary Mitzvot

Eytan Oren, M.A.T. and Debby Kinman- Ford, M.S. ED

A series of ten units on mitzvot geared toward children ages 3-8. Designed to be used over two weeks.

Join Eleanor, her family, and friends as they learn about the different mitzvot they can do. This curriculum is designed with a broad perspective of the modern-day Jewish family. It includes lesson plans, activities, and a parent guide for follow-up.  The objective of this curriculum is to assist families and educators in discussing mitzvot with their children. This curriculum is designed with a broad perspective of the modern-day families. It is designed to be used as open-ended learning where the parent/teacher works as a guide to the mitzvot but encourages the child to recognize its applications in their world. The curriculum includes multi-intelligence lessons and includes resource guides to other platforms expanding on each mitzvot for ages 3-8.

Judaic Characters Emotional Intelligence Poster

 Eytan Oren, M.A.T. and Debby Kinman-Ford, M.S. ED

Classroom poster of emotions using characters from the Torah. Each poster is accompanied by a handout explaining the correlation between that character and the emotion used.

Designed to be used in a morning meeting environment, each character’s story is introduced throughout the first half of the school year so that children learn the torah stories behind the characters while learning about each emotional trait at the same time. The second half of the year it moves to a launching point for conversation about which character each child feels most like that day.  The poster becomes a conversation starter for how everyone is feeling while expanding their emotional intelligence vocabulary. Some characters are placed with different emotions than one might expect to give even young children a wider perspective on the personalities of these famous Torah characters.

Jewish Nature Program

Diane Otto

This nine-part program is designed for organizations to use to create a family program for adults with young children. It takes the simplest form of growing a singular plant first and expands throughout the program to growing a full garden as it weaves Judaism into its fabric. This program is wonderful for helping families with young children explore their Judaism together and take it to the next level. Learning the connection between Judaism and agriculture, allows families to see nature through an authentically Jewish lens.