Professional Development

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Speaking Engagement/ Workshop Specialties:

Team Building and Staff Culture- Building a Team of Superheroes

Learn zero to low cost ways to create staff culture when there’s no room in your budget. Also create stronger teams by harnessing the power under your roof. Practical ways to create professional development with little time or money.

Educating the Whole Child- How to Create an Open-Ended Curriculum in a Traditional Mindset Community

Rockin’ Your Values- Who Are You?

Is your organization really who they say they are? Assessing what your organization is doing versus what they say they do. It’s not about doing it wrong, its about delivering your message through the lens it really is. Learn to ask the right questions about who your stakeholders really think your organization is and deciding if that is who you want to be. If it is, then we will develop that message clearer. If it isn’t then we will redefine where you want to be.

Multi-Intelligence Learning and Educational Coaching

Designed for teachers and administrators to look at meeting the needs of every type of learner and how to adapt curriculum for all learning styles.

Expanding Strategic Partnerships- Reaching Out in Unexpected Ways

Learning to harness what your larger community offers to enhance your program, its reputation and be a force good all at the same time.

Integrating Other-Faith Staff and Families into Your Jewish School

How to educate other-faith staff and families into the traditions of your school in a way that they will feel comfortable and see success.

Philanthropy and the Family

Designed for schools who want to enhance their family programming by adding a component of local hands on philanthropy. Very practical, reproducible ways to be unique in your community.

Guide to New School Administrators

Practical tips and strategies to assessing your new school and how to move forward successfully.

Blended Learning; building a workable model and collaboration for online curriculum

First experiences regarding online instructor from two small independent schools.

Factors Affecting Student Retention: How can my school do better at retaining and recruiting students
Practical strategies for successful student recruitment and retention.

Board Development: Tips to Improve the Board and Other Players in the Game

Strategic ways to develop your board for ultimate success with other stakeholders at your school.

Seeing God in Science-

Learn activities to bring back to your school/community on how to experience God through science and STEM activities for preschool and elementary age children.

Seeing God in Nature-

Learn activities to allow children to see God in everyday nature experiences. Designed for children ages 2-10.

What’s Jewish About Gardening-

Learn the basic concepts to create an authentic garden wrapped in Judaism. Designed people working in schools and Jewish communities.